Clifford P.

我和我妻子是 Dr. Clifford庞.
根据我们的经验. 彭浩翔是一位完美的专业人士, 在他的实践领域非常熟练, 还是个有魅力又有爱心的医生. 我们俩都相信. Pang has quickly risen to be one of the finest and most competent young doctors at UCLA. 他显然是最优秀、最聪明的学生之一. 这是因为博士. Pang's skill that UCLA will continue to be one of the finest medical facilities and a world-class institution. 我们永远感激并幸运他是我们的初级保健医生.
谢谢你所做的一切. Pang

作者:Alan and Alanna S.

Fellicia D.

费莉西亚很了不起. 她在帮助我妹妹转到皇冠hga025大学洛杉矶分校的过程中表现得非常出色. 我们在4天的放射影像传输中遇到了一个问题, 是什么耽误了我妹妹的治疗. She was sympathetic, understood the problem immediately, and helped troubleshoot. 她找到了一个解决办法,在午餐时间工作. 我们感到惊奇和感激. 费莉西亚的工作值得表扬! BRAVA!

By: Tiffany T.

Young J.

Dr. Young Jeon 她是否非常关心儿科病人和他们的家人. She takes the time to discuss any issues, and I never feel rushed at the appointments. She responds quickly to my messages on the portal, and I appreciate her detailed responses. 我喜欢她做我孩子的儿科医生. 我很幸运能选择她作为我孩子的儿科医生.

By: Shirley C.

Ravi A.

Dr. Ravi Aysola

作者:Barbara L J.

Kamran S.

Dr. Kamran Shamsa

作者:Barbara L J.

Tao H.

Dr. Tao He was very attentive and thorough easing my concerns by showing me the ct scan and explaining it. I love that he wants to minimize my radiation risk by giving a lower dose ct scan in the future because it will be sufficient for my needs rather than giving me the highest dose when not necessary. 我真的很感激!

By: Sara B.

Theresa P.

Dr. 特蕾莎Poulos 很有同情心,是个很好的倾听者. She gives me choices in my treatment when possible making me feel like I have control over my own health and body. She is caring and even responded to a message on a holiday weekend when it was important.

By: Sara B.

BaoTran N.

My wife and I recently delivered a perfect baby girl at UCLA and Tran was our original nurse upon admission to Labor & Delivery. My wife, myself and the various family members who met Tran during her shift cannot say enough good things about her. She advocated on behalf of my wife during several keys points and kept us informed of each step in the process of delivery. Her ability to explain some of the more complex things and her ability to make my wife and I laugh was invaluable. 在她漫长的夜班结束后, 当时我妻子因为吗啡而睡着了, Tran特意过来和她说话,握着她的手. I myself was nearly comatose with exhaustion and found that small gesture to be incredibly powerful (frankly, 夜班后, 我想尽快回家。. Additionally, 我们在那里的第二个晚上, Tran requested asked to be our nurse during the C-section and we were legitimately overjoyed to see her again. L所有的医务人员&选D。, but Tran really stood out and we are eternally grateful that she was our nurse.

By: Aditya K.

Robert M.

罗伯特,是我在冈达病房的两次护士. 他每次都做得很出色. He was kind and took his time to answer questions and explain everything he was doing. Thank you Robert and the entire team for going above and beyond and help me get better.

By: Marcia O.

Drt. Dave M.

我想感谢 Dr. 大卫·麦卡利斯特 for encouraging me to get a second opinion because he couldn't help me with my right rotator's cuff tear. I followed his advice ad received surgery at La Peer surgical center by Dr. Eric Millistein在比弗利山庄报道. 一切都很顺利. Thank you Dr.谢谢你的建议.

By: Esther N.


在我住院期间,何塞对我非常好. He went above and beyond to not only take care of me, but to make me laugh and encouraged me. 他关心我的一切需要. I just want to really recognize his outstandingcare and to thank him so much!

By: Penny V.

Jason S.

Dr. 杰森·谢尔曼 is my primary care doctor and through an annual exam, we discovered a hole in my heart. I worked with many wonderful UCLA doctors in getting a procedure done to get it fixed and Dr. 在整个过程中,谢尔曼一直是我坚定的后盾. I had several complications after the procedure and he was always there to support me in whatever I needed. 一天晚上,我被送到了急救中心,然后又去了急诊室. Sherman was answering my emails after 5-6pm and I remember feeling so grateful he took the time to be there for me.

I desperately needed to get in to see a gynocologist due to one of the complications (I had an appointment that was three months out) and Dr. Sherman sent emails and had his office call repeatedly on my behalf until I got in. 我非常感谢皇冠hga025大学洛杉矶分校对我的悉心照顾. 谢尔曼是个了不起的医生.

By: Amy H.

Cynthia H.

She is such an angel on the earth and she was taking too much care of me she was kind, 乐于助人,知识渊博的护士,谢谢你,辛西娅

作者:Mohammad T.

Nancy T.

我想感谢 Dr. Nancy Tsoi for being a kind and caring doctor for my general needs and for referring me to Dr. 沈先生给了我很大的帮助. Dr. Tsoi has been great for referring me to the right doctor to get the help I need. 谢谢你,博士. Tsoi!

By: Cheryl C.

Na S.

Dr. Na Shen has been the most helpful doctor I have had in my life as to helping me get my weight down, 安排正确的检查来发现我有甲状腺和其他问题, 帮助我做得更好,感觉更好. 谢谢你,博士. Shen!

By: Cheryl C.

Jennifer Y.

我一直是…的病人 Dr. 詹妮弗·杨的 近13年来. 她绝对是最棒的. 她和她的办公室工作人员对问题的反应很快, 帮助解决保险问题, 并提供良好的护理. 我很感激我有一个善良、平易近人的医生. 这就是医学应该有的样子.

By: Carly E.

Daniel G.

有人把我丈夫介绍给他 Dr. 丹尼尔·格林沃尔德 by a nurse colleague of mine (I am also a nurse) who became familiar with him during her sister's care (yes, 圣巴巴拉是一个小镇!)我们一直没有得到当地肿瘤学家的最佳治疗, 所以我们在第一次会诊时都很保守,心理受到了很大的创伤.
Dr. 格林沃尔德富有同情心, friendly, and very up-to-date on the latest treatment modalities for my husband's cancer type. Of course, I was lurking around with my nurse hat on making sure that we weren't going to have the same type of bungling as previously experienced, and Dr. Greenwald put my mind at ease within the first 5 minutes of treatment discussion. 然而,同样重要的是他与我丈夫建立的融洽关系...he spoke plain language, laid out the plan, and provided realistic amounts of truthful reassurance...they even spoke about wood and furniture building (my husband is a local General Contractor) as a way of bonding on a personal level.
All of our following visits have been something we look forward to rather than dread. We leave with a clear understanding of where things are at as well as an expected plan if things go bad. We can't express enough how valuable he is to us, as well as to our community. 非常感谢你给他这么好的礼物.

By: Sharon W.

Luz D.

Dr. 鲁兹·德尔·波蒂略 -

总是很专业,对我的需求非常敏感. Love her!

By: Sonia S.

Corinna M.

I love Dr. 科琳娜莫舍! 我从她的私人诊所一直跟踪到皇冠hga025大学洛杉矶分校的医疗系统. 她很细心,总是欢迎我的问题. I was excited to see her highlighted in the latest issue of the UCLA magazine - she deserves the "shout out"! 我想祝她有一个快乐的博士. 升值的一天!

By: Maryann H.

Masha L.

Good Day
我做了甲状旁腺手术. 我再怎么强调护理的质量也不为过
我在这家医院做的. Dr. 玛莎Livhits, thank you. She did the operation and she did a great job and she is a very nice person. You are great. Thank you



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